Fertility Naturopath Brisbane

Michelle Blum, Brisbane based Naturopath & Acupuncturist offers you a natural approach to fertility, pregnancy and women's health issues.

As a Brisbane based Fertility Naturopath I treat individuals and couples who:

  • are doing ART including IVF and IUI
  • are trying to conceive through natural means
  • have been diagnosed as having unexplained infertility
  • have been trying to conceive for a while with poor to no results
  • have had numerous miscarriages
  • have been given a hormonal, reproductive, endocrine health diagnosis and would like support in getting pregnant
  • have not been given a specific diagnosis but may need to address some irregularities in their menstrual cycle and wish to become pregnant
  • who are planning to conceive but wish to embark on a pre-conception health plan
  • are in a same sex partnership or are single and are using a sperm donor
  • Male fertility issues

As a Fertility Naturopath some of the ways in which I investigate your fertility concerns are as follows:

  • Interpretation of standard/routine blood tests that you get through a GP to assess your general health and identify any nutritional anomalies or biochemical pathways that warrant treatment.
  • Analysis of hormone testing at specific days of the menstrual cycle as observed through blood tests and correcting any imbalances
  • Targeting and treating any diagnosed reproductive, hormonal or endocrine health issues such as thyroid disorders, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Irregular or absent periods for example. 
  • Identifying any other causative factors
  • Teaching and encouraging basal body temperature charting and mucus observations to help paint a picture of your hormonal status
  • Assessing and remedying dietary and lifestyle factors
  • Providing nourishing and nutritionally replete recipes and meal plans for a healthy conception and pregnancy.
  • Addressing  and treating stress and any mood fluctuations

Seeing a Naturopath while you are going through IVF or ART may benefit your fertility in the following ways:-

Complementary Medicine may help with:

  • Poor egg quality in older women
  • Poor ovarian response due to premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Thin uterine lining
  • Issues with embryo implantation
  • Low Progesterone
  • Oestrogen dominance
  • And any other underlying reproductive health conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis, Fibroids, recurrent miscarriage, blood-clotting and immunological disorders

Some of the Naturopathic solutions provided to address your fertility concerns may include the following:

  • Herbal Medicine tinctures or tablets.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation
  • Nutrition and Dietary recommendations.
  • Flower Essences
  • Gentle encouragement of necessary lifestyle changes

What is Naturopathy?

In broad terms Naturopathy involves the use of different types of remedies that are derived from nature that are used to treat an individual.  As a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist I combine facets of all three to create your personalised treatment plan.

Naturopathy is a holistic system of health that involves a thorough information gathering process to identify the underlying causes of your particular health concern.

Time is taken during a consult to get to know you and your physical, mental and emotional health picture. Any routine blood tests that have been run by your GP will be thoroughly examined in an attempt to find the clues that are driving your health challenges. Further investigations may also be requested if deemed necessary such as an assessment of your hormones at a specific cycle day or running comprehensive testing on your thyroid.

Naturopathic treatments are highly individualised to what is needed for your specific body at a particular point in time. 

Other more traditional Naturopathic testing such as blood pressure monitoring , blood glucose checks, pH testing and O2 saturation will also be conducted in house.