Where are Fertility Acupuncture Points Located ?

In Australia, one in nine couples of reproductive age is said to experience fertility struggles. More and more of these couples are looking at how they can best support their bodies to overcome their fertility hurdles. They may be looking for natural treatments to work along side Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF or IUI or to be used on their own.

Acupuncture is most definitely a popular alternative therapy used by couples wishing to improve their fertility. Often when such couples attend my Brisbane based, fertility focused clinic, they are curious as to where exactly the Acupuncture needles will be placed.

When it comes to fertility, obviously the lower abdomen and to a lesser extent the lower back is where many influential points are located. Of course not all of these will or should be needled at once in a given treatment so it will be at the discretion of your Acupuncturist as to which of these will be used.

Using points on the abdomen and lower back however forms only one part of the treatment which is referred to as the 'Branch' or symptomatic part of the treatment. The 'Root' or causative factors must also be addressed which is where the Acupuncturist uses the tongue, pulse and abdomen as well as questioning the patient to ascertain this. This part of the treatment is highly individualised and therefore the point prescription will vary from person to person.

In saying this however, there are certain points that are likely to be considered as part of your fertility treatment. These include the following:-

Spleen 6: This point is where 3 main acupuncture meridians intersect. These being the Liver, Kidney and Spleen Meridians. It is located on the inner aspect of the lower leg, at approximately a 3 finger distance above the ankle bone. Spleen 6 is considered one of the most important reproductive/hormonal points in the body.

Zi Gong: This point meaning 'Palace Of the Child', is located just above the pelvic bone about one hand's distance from the midline of the body.

Liver 4: The point is located on the foot where the leg and foot intersect and is found in line with the big toe/2nd toe. This point is used to improve circulation and Qi flow throughout the body.

Most fertility acupuncture treatments will often include points that calm and relax the nervous system as stress is a well known driver of sub fertility. One such point is GV 20 which is located at the very tip of head along the centre of the body. Most patients look as though they could simply float away when this point is inserted.

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