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Study finds that acupuncture cools hot flushes – Brisbane

Acupuncture Effective For Hot Flushes – Brisbane

Michelle Blum, Brisbane based Acupuncturist and Naturopath, shares the findings of a clinical trial where Acupuncture was found to be an effective form of treatment for women experiencing hot flushes.
These debilitating symptoms are often experienced by women during menopause as well as during cancer treatment. They can cause disturbance not only through the day but also at night and can cause frequent waking,  irritability, fatigue and distress.

This recent study that Michelle refers to, involves the use of four different types of treatment groups. These include:- electro acupuncture; gabbapentin (an anti-epeleptic medication); sham acupuncture and placebo treatments. 

These treatments were all administered to 120 trial participants over an 8 week period, to determine which out of the four therapies had the greatest impact.

At the end of the 8 week period and then again later at the 24 week mark, the results showed  that acupuncture was in fact the most effective therapy at reducing the hot flushes. Impressively, the effects from the Acupuncture treatments were still maintained 16 weeks after the acupuncture treatments ceased.

There are other natural remedies that are commonly used by qualified Naturopaths that may also help with reducing hot flushes. Some of these will target the Liver’s detoxification process, the nervous system and adrenal function. It is definitely not the case of “one size fits all” but rahter investigating what the drivers are for the hormonal imbalance. These are identified through thorough questioning and discussion as well as testing.

For more information on how Acupuncture can help with hot flushes or to book an appointment, please contact Michelle Blum at her Brisbane south side clinic, Michelle Blum Natural Health.