Acupuncture relieves pain from failed back surgery

Two types of acupuncture protocols were used to treat patients who were experiencing pain after failed back surgery and it was noted that one protocol achieved a 94.87 per cent improvement in symptoms whilst the second achieved a 76.32 per cent improvement.

The study involved 80 participants and the improvements noted included a reduction in:- lumbar pain; leg pain and numbness; sensory and motor impairment; limits on daily life activities and bladder dysfunction. Effectiveness was also measured in relation to improvements in the ability to walk, lift a straightened leg, roll while lying down, stand, lean forward, sit for an extended period of time, and lift.

The author of the study noted that given the complexity of FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome) and the success rates of acupuncture in eliminating or reducing FBSS related pain, acupuncture provides a therapeutic option for patients requiring pain relief.

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