An integrated natural medicine approach for conception preparation, fertility, IVF and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies). 

I see women who are seeking alternative health options to help them become pregnant, whether it be through natural means or assisted reproductive techniques such as IUI or IVF.

I work with a wide variety of fertility issues including premature ovarian ageing, poor ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, luteal phase defect, thin endometrial lining, endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis, Fibroids, unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, blood-clotting and immunological disorders.

Some of the clients I see might be planning a family and would just like to get their health as a couple on track before they conceive. Others may have been trying to conceive for a while and are beginning to feel concerned that not much is happening. Whilst there is no obvious cause for their delay in falling pregnant, they would like to look at how they could improve their overall health as a couple, which could potentially improve their fertility.

Some of my clients may not necessarily be looking at falling pregnant immediately but would just like to address their reproductive/hormonal health complaints such as painful periods, pre-menstrual tension, absence of periods, spotting before a period, pain or problems during ovulation and some of the conditions mentioned above.

At my Brisbane clinic, one of my special interests and passions is Acupuncture and Naturopathy for enhancing fertility.

I offer integrated natural therapeutic approaches for your fertility concerns. 

I have trained in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and with over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that I have assisted many women/couples realise their dream of becoming parents.

I also work with same sex couples looking to ensure their best chance of success with becoming pregnant and treat male fertility issues such as low sperm count, poor sperm motility and poor sperm morphology.

I offer a calm, supportive and caring space, recognising how stressful the baby making process can sometimes be.

About Natural Therapies and Fertility

Acupuncture in particular is a very common adjunct treatment of choice for women undergoing IVF/ART or wishing to fall pregnant naturally.

When you visit Michelle Blum Natural Health to have your Fertility Acupuncture treatments, I will take into consideration your individual and unique story as well as information that I have gathered from talking with you.  I will use Chinese Medicine diagnostics such as, checking your pulse and tongue, pressing gently on your abdomen (Hara) and checking specific areas of your body. This will guide me to a tailored treatment plan, specifically devised for you.

The treatment involves the gentle insertion of fine, single use, stainless steel needles, that are as thin as a strand of hair. A lot of my post graduate training is in gentle Japanese style Acupuncture. I may also give you take home instructions to follow in between your Acupuncture visits.

Women who are about to start IVF often ask me “when should they start having treatments ?”. I will tell them that the sooner they can start having Acupuncture and following some of my fertility enhancing recommendations the better.

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine

If possible, I always encourage my clients who are planning an IVF or natural conception cycle to consider following my pre-conception health care plan.

This is a 3 month process that sets the ground work for a healthier version of you so that you and your partner’s egg and sperm are at their most optimal state for a healthy conception/implantation, pregnancy and BABY. Recent research suggests that diet and lifestyle of the parents three months before a child is conceived has a profound effect on determining the future health of that child.